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How you will run your new Oasis Senior Advisors business.


As we covered earlier, your home office will be very basic because you will spend most of your time out in the field, visiting and building relationships with the following three groups.

1. Senior Housing Communities 

Your first order of business will be visiting and getting to know all the senior housing communities in your area. They’ll welcome you with open arms, because you’ll be their main source of business. They’ll be depending on you to send them new residents, so they’ll be happy to show you around, educate you as to all their services and capabilities, and in the end, they’ll be the ones actually paying you to represent them to your clients. These communities will include local:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Independent living communities
  • Retirement communities
  • Residential care homes
  • Memory care communities
  • And others

2. Senior Referral Sources 

These will be the people sending their clients to you when they need senior housing. They include social workers, hospital discharge nurses, eldercare attorneys – virtually anyone who comes in regular contact with seniors who need some form of senior housing. You will get to know these referral sources, you will educate them as to your capabilities and wide-ranging local resources, and they will come to depend on you to help their clients find “the right place.”

3. Your Actual Clients

The people you will actually be helping are either the seniors themselves, or very often, their grown children who are trying to help, but basically have no idea where to turn, except to a Senior Advisor such as you.

You will be their local expert, and you will work closely with them all the way thru our proven Five Step System:

Step 1:   Your free, no-obligation consultation with them, during which they’ll learn what to expect and how you’re going to help them.

Step 2:   Your in-depth discussion to identify their lifestyle preferences and health care needs, as well as their location and financial considerations.

Step 3:   You’ll help them look into available funding options, such as Veteran’s Aid and Attendance, Long Term Care benefits––anything that can help reduce their monthly housing cost.

Step 4:   You’ll then provide them with a personalized list of the local* housing options that will best meet their specific needs.

Step 5:   And finally, you’ll set up tours for them at each of the communities they select, and then go with them until they’ve found “the right place.” Because, as we say in our marketing materials, “The right place means everything.” 

*If they wish to move to another part of the United States, since Oasis is a national organization, you’ll be able to put them in contact with any of our other Advisors around the country. And of course, depending on where you are, you may also get referrals for new clients from other Oasis Senior Advisors with clients who wish to relocate to your area.

Pretty exciting, right? So now, let’s see what your startup costs will look like.