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People often say to me that they can see that I am passionate about Oasis Senior Advisors. My answer is yes I am because this business allows me to marry my passion (helping people) with a career. I love the fact that every day I’m making a difference in people’s lives.

Connie P. – New Jersey

I love Oasis because I’m finally doing something of great significance, one client at a time!

This is such a very difficult and vulnerable time for our seniors, and they really have nowhere else to turn to get the help they need! I love that we spend time with each and every client getting to know them, because it is just as important to make a cultural and personality match as a clinical and financial match. I feel like all the skill sets I developed over the years in the corporate world are now being put to their highest and best use! When you make the right match, client after client, and then see those clients with a sparkle in their eyes and a spring in their steps while you are out touring other clients, and they hug you and express their appreciation for what you did – there’s just nothing like it.

We had zero previous experience in healthcare, but we quickly developed a deep compassion for our clients and an overwhelming passion for our work. This has led to us being greatly respected and admired in the local healthcare circles. It is just about a daily occurrence where we hear “Oasis! Oh yeah we’ve heard about you guys. You are awesome!” Become awesome! Become Significant! Become Oasis!

David and Melanie S. – Florida

I love being an Oasis Senior Advisor because it allows me to own my own business that truly helps seniors and families. When looking for a new business to start I wanted an opportunity that made a difference in people’s lives. I also wanted a business that would allow me to incorporate my financial and investment advisory experience into my work. When my families say the word “thank you” to me, it carries such emotional gratification that I am really helping others and at the same time building an advisory business that provides for my wife and 3 children.

I looked at many different opportunities but never found a better organization than Oasis. The support we receive as franchisees is amazing and there is always someone to talk with, ask questions to, and receive guidance from. Tim, our CEO, has created such a wonderful and caring culture that can easily be seen and felt throughout the organization from corporate to the other franchisees. If you are looking for a business that serves seniors and families in your community, and an opportunity to build a thriving business in a growing demographic, Oasis Senior Advisors might just be what you’ve been searching for.

Adam S. – Ohio

As a franchise owner of Oasis Senior Advisors, I was given the training, tools and support needed to begin my career as a professional senior advisor. Through time, this allowed me to establish strong relationships with other professionals who work with seniors and those relationships have often transformed into friendships. What I love about my career at Oasis Senior Advisors is the reward of truly helping seniors and their families navigate through an often difficult transition and the lifelong friends and relationships I have made!

Michael S. – California